Tucker Carlson Accuses Don Lemon of Moving ‘Boundary Markers’ in Wiretapping Coverage


The back and forth between Fox News and CNN personalities over coverage of the Susan Rice/intelligence report unmasking controversy continued on Tuesday night. On the CNN side, Don Lemon addressed a tweet from Bill O’Reilly falsely accusing him of not covering the story (complete with showing clips) and compared the anti-Rice campaign to her being tarred and feathered. Meanwhile, on Fox, while the hosts of “The Five” were split, Tucker Carlson went all in on Lemon during Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Carlson opened his segment with a montage of what he referred to as “the American media, which seems eager to pretend this story does not exist at all.” The montage implied again that Lemon didn’t cover it at all, with the other clips being of MSNBC and other CNN anchors saying that there was nothing illegal, improper, or even abnormal about the unmasking. Carlson then brought on Mark Steyn, who argued that Fox competitors would be a lot more cynical if the Obama and Trump administration roles were reversed

In reflecting on the clips of Lemon, Carlson asked a question: “Have you noticed how the boundary markers have changed?” Carlson asked. He was referring to the current coverage saying there was no “illegal surveillance” of the Trump campaign, arguing that it was a change from saying there was no surveillance at all. This isn’t exactly right on his part, either, as the Michael Flynn scandal clearly showed “incidental collection” long before Trump’s tweet alleging wiretapping by Obama.

Still, Carlson felt it was a major shift. “A month ago, totally false, they weren’t spied upon,” he said. “Now they weren’t spied upon illegally.”

See the whole segment above, via Fox News.

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