Van Jones Defends Decision to Work With Kushner on Prison Reform: ‘We Got 99 Conflicts But Prisons Ain’t One’

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CNN host and former Barack Obama administration official Van Jones defended his decision to work with the White House — and specifically Jared Kushner — on prison reform, by riffing on the words of his friend Jay-Z. 

Speaking with Brooke Baldwin Wednesday afternoon, Van Jones was asked what it was like working together with Kushner and appearing at the White House last week in support of a measure proposed and supported by the Trump administration.

“I’ll put it this way,” Jones said. “I’ll quote my friend Jay-Z. We got 99 conflicts but prisons ain’t one.”

He then admitted that he disagreed with both Donald Trump and his son-in-law advisor “on so many things” but this was an area where they agreed.

“If I disagree with you on 99 issues important to me, trans’rights, immigrant rights, the whole deal, on 99 things but on one thing I disagree with you, should I do nothing and not do one thing to try to help people who don’t have voices?” he continued on.  “I’ve got to at least try.”

Jones had previously said on CNN that not working with Trump would be “insanity” and advocated for the First Step, sponsored by Republican Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) to pass through the legislature.

On Tuesday, the prison reform measure backed by the Trump administration and supported by Jones easily passed out of the House.

Watch above, via CNN.

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