comScore VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Says 'I'm White as Well'

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Randomly Shouts ‘I’m White As Well’ in Response to Age Question at Dem Debate

There was a bizarre moment at the PBS & Politico Democratic Debate when Senator Bernie Sanders reminded everyone that he’s white while responding to a question about his age.

Politico’s Tim Alberta asked Sanders about former president Barack Obama’s recent comments about how women should run the world, and that most of the planet’s issues usually come from “old men not getting out of the way.” As Alberta proceeded to note that Sanders would be the oldest president ever if inaugurated, the senator interjected to say “and I’m white as well.”

Alberta paused with a grin before asking Sanders to respond to Obama’s statement. Sanders answered that the real issue is “We are living in a nation increasingly becoming an oligarchy. We have a handful of billionaires who spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying elections and politicians.”

“The issue is not old or young, male or female,” Sanders said. “The issue is working people standing up, taking on the billionaire class and creating a government and economy that works for all, not just the 1%.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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