Willie Geist Baffled By Trump’s Address: ‘Colossal Waste of Time So He Can Deliver on a Chant’


Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist was baffled by President Donald Trump‘s Oval Office address on Wednesday.

Trump addressed the nation as the current government shutdown nears a record-breaking length to address what Trump calls a crisis at the U.S. Southern border over illegal immigration.

Geist suggested that networks should think twice the next time Trump asks for them to hand over airtime for an Oval Office address. The MSNBC host was also confused by the thinking behind Trump’s speech.

“We can talk about the rhetoric, we can talk about the substance of what he said, but strategically — why?” Geist asked. “He gave a speech he could’ve given three years ago. He was preaching to the converted. He was giving a speech to a Fox News audience that was already with him on this.”

“From the point of view of the president, what was the point of that exercise?” Geist asked. “It felt, and this entire process by the way, feels like a colossal waste of time so he can deliver on a chant he began three years ago at some of his rallies.”

“It’s all about nothing,” he added.

Watch above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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