Brian Stelter Pushes Back Against Drudge Headline That Says He Called Trump Win a ‘National Emergency’


The Drudge Report definitely has major influence, but as an aggregation site, it will repeat the same mistakes that its sources make just as often as it will amplify their scoops and well-done work. CNN’s Brian Stelter pushed back against that today when he became the subject of a Drudge headline that told readers he had called the election of Donald Trump a national emergency.

Well, to be most accurate, he was first the subject of a headline on conservative host Laura Ingraham‘s site. That headline read, “CNN’s Stelter: Trump Win a ‘National Emergency’.” When Drudge linked to her piece, the wording remained nearly the same, showing up on the site as, “CNN HOST: Trump win a ‘national emergency’…”


Stelter used Twitter to say that both headlines were inaccurate.

We covered the moment in question here. Here is the video that we pulled from yesterday’s Reliable Sources:

Stelter asked Julia Ioffe, who has been reporting on Trump’s Russian ties and the campaign in general for months, “We’re talking about a candidate who’s lost in a historic way in terms of the popular vote but clearly won in the Electoral College. Is this something of a national emergency and are journalists afraid to say so because they’re going to sound partisan?”

Ioffe said, “It does feel like we’re on the verge of something potentially awful and Trump seems to be taking us there daily with some of his cabinet picks, with his statements…”

Ultimately, it appears that Stelter is correct in that while the words “national emergency” did appear in a conversation about Trump’s election, they were posed as a question, not delivered as a statement.

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