Hundreds Of Young Girls Nearly Stampede Victoria’s Secret Pink On Black Friday 2012

Hundreds of screeching teen girls nearly stormed a Victoria’s Secret Pink store at a Kansas mall this Black Friday in search of those crazy deals on age-appropriate underwear and sleepwear.

As the Oak Park Mall store prepared to open its gates at midnight, mall cops tried to keep the throngs of screaming young girls from pushing into the store.

But their security guard human chain didn’t seem to work, so a brave female manager stepped in, standing on an item so that she could shout to the crowd. “Please!” she implored the girls to halt their movement. At one point, it looked like she was pleading with the girl because of how “scary” this entire situation has become.

Luckily, the crowd complied. NBC’s local affiliate KSHB reports that no major incidents were reported at this store or anywhere at that particular Overland Park, Kansas mall.

“Obviously there’s a little craziness because that’s what Black Friday’s all about,” the mall’s spokeswoman Jennifer Robinson told the local news outlet.

With all that screaming and high-pitched wailing, this really does sound like the crowd at a Justin Bieber concert. And look, there’s even the requisite tag-along boyfriend peppered throughout the crowd!

Watch below, via KSHB:

[h/t KSHB]
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