Red Eye Trashes CNN’s Howard Kurtz For ‘Perfecting The Art Of Playing It Safe’ And ‘Asking Softball Questions’

Saturday night’s special edition of Red Eye paid “tribute” to CNN’s Howard Kurtz, relentlessly mocking the media critic for “perfecting the art of playing it safe” and making the difficult task of asking “softball questions” seem “effortless.”

Introducing a new segment called “Profiles in Punditry,” host Greg Gutfeld explained that he would like to “commend those who go unrecognized in this challenging word of commentating.”

The inaugural “salute” went to Kurtz:

“During your career as Washington Post columnist, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, and Newsweek‘s Washington bureau chief, you’ve perfected the art of playing it safe. You’ve taken the difficult practice of asking softball questions and made it look effortless, earning you the undisputed title of our nation’s premier media critic. Print journalists, TV reporters, and even bloggers — no one is safe from your hard-hitting, no-nonsense style. When talking heads need somewhere to paid their demo reel, you welcome them with open arms and, in the process, inspire a generation of pundits to find that elusive middle ground between something and nothing. So here’s to you, Mr. Kurtz, Red Eye‘s pundit of the week.”

“I don’t know of anybody who deserves it more,” Gutfeld deadpanned following the video. “He’s amazing.”

“There’s a deeper point,” Tucker Carlson added, “How bad can a recession be if Howie Kurtz has a job?”

Watch below, via Fox:

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