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Bill Clinton’s Today Show Interview Was a Disaster, But He Does Have One Valid Point

Joy Reid Shouldn’t Be Fired, She Should Resign

Why Trump’s Pardon Policy Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Our President

A Guide to Celebrity Offensive Remarks and The Punishments They Faced (Or Lack There Of)

Trump and the Roseanne Defenders’ Claims of a Real Double Standard Are Wrong

Roseanne‘s Cancellation Was The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen To… Joy Reid

Fox Business Anchor Smears NY Times For Accurately Reporting on Trump’s ‘Animals’ Remark

Jim Acosta Trashes Kim Kardashian’s Prison Reform Efforts As Not ‘Serious’ After Taking John Legend’s Seriously in 2015

Elon Musk Wanting to Rate Journalists Isn’t Actually a Bad Idea… But How Would It Work?

Trump’s New Russia Probe ‘Defense’ Recalls How O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder

CNN’s School Shootings Math Doesn’t Add Up: BB Gun Bruises Don’t Count

Conservatives Are Manufacturing a ‘Trump’s Accomplishments’ Narrative So He Can Beat Mueller

A Reality-Based Address to the Graduating Class of Prospective Media Members

In The Wake of Mass Shootings, The Media Must Do Its Part to Stop the Glorification of Killers

Cracking the Code of Trump’s Lies: An Extensive Interview with CNN’s Amanda Carpenter

Trump’s Groveling to the Leader of North Korea is Pathetic

The Media’s Awful Coverage of the Gaza Violence is Precisely the Propaganda Hamas Desires

Why Don Jr.’s ‘Trump Tower Meeting’ Story is Nonsensical

The News Media is in a Time Warp on the Immigration Assimilation Debate

Jake Tapper Interviews Michael Avenatti, Doesn’t Ask About Threats to Daily Caller

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