Ludo LeFebvre Has Moved On From His First Love, Foie Gras

Image Credit: Ludo LeFebvreAfter years of cooking in pop-ups and trucks, the nomadic chef Ludo Lefebvre is finally settling into a brick-and-mortar restaurant and publishing his first book. But earlier this summer, he garnered the most publicity for his outspoken stance (and clever t-shirts) against the California foie gras ban, going so far as to host dinners celebrating fatty duck livers in excess.

But even though the ban isn’t actually that strict and he could technically just drive to Nevada and “smuggle” foie back into the Golden State, Ludo tells Eater in an interview that he’s moved on.

“Whatever. You know, that’s what it is,” he said. “We tried to fight the thing. I love foie gras, it’s part of my culture. But there are a lot of other things that are good to cook too. I mean I miss it, yes. But you know what? I get inspiration with something new. So it’s fine, whatever.”

Dear Ludo: please use that inspiration from being torn from your first love to create some culinary version of Adele’s 21. We look forward to crying while eating a delicious Someone Like You-inspired meal.


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