WATCH: Ice Cube Gets Stumped By Roland Martin Over Trump’s ‘Platinum Plan’ for Black America


Journalist Roland Martin confronted rap and film star Ice Cube over his praise for President Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Black America, and got mostly awkward silence when he asked how Trump’s plan meets any of Cube’s demands.

The rapper and “Contract with Black America” author appeared on Martin’s “Unfiltered” program Thursday night, where he discussed the Trump campaign’s recent announcement of his involvement in Trump’s plan, which Cube praised as having made “adjustments” that favor his own plan.

He made a similar claim to Martin, saying that members of the Trump campaign “saw that their plan was lacking and they wanted to implement some of the things from the contract with black America into their plan.”

Martin went on to specifically asked “what’s in their plan that they actually took from yours? Because I’ve gone through their plan line by line, and to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t see even what’s in the plan they released that even mirrors what’s in yours.”

“Well like I said, both plans between both parties are lacking,” Cube replied, and told Martin that  “you have to look at the contract with black America and see where the overlap is.”

As it turns out, Martin had done that, and said “But your contract lists these 13 different points here. And again, in their plan,what do you see in the platinum plan that they released that mirrors anything that’s in yours?”

After a long pause and a look at what appeared to be an off-camera computer screen, Cube said “You know, you got, if I’m looking at it, agreeing to direct VC venture capital] money to black investment companies up to 40 billion dollars…”

The Trump plan does include a line that references “up to $40B in government funding” that it claims will stimulate Black-owned businesses, but doesn’t explain how those funds would be directed.

After a full ten seconds of silence as Cube stared off-camera, Martin cut in to say “You see a lot of people have been talking about this $500 billion, that’s not going to Black people. In fact, that’s just actually the infrastructure funding program, that’s not actually $500 billion going to black people.”

“How many billion is the other one giving to Black people?” Cube interrupted.

“No no no no, what I’m saying is that’s not even, they list this thing under black economic empowerment and access to capital, it says ‘seek infrastructure funding that will lead to widespread growth in the annual $500 billion federal contracting opportunities.’ That line right there is not for black people. That’s federal contracting opportunities for everybody. So that’s not, they’re trying to make it sound like ‘Oh, $500 billion to Black people. It’s not. That’s the actual annual program overall for everybody,” Martin explained.

Elsewhere in the interview, Martin asked who, specifically, did Cube speak to about the “Platinum Plan.” Who is they? Was it Donald Trump, was it his campaign team, was it officials in the White

“I’ve never met Donald Trump a day in my life,” Cube explained. “And I’ve never been to the White House. So it was people on his campaign, this chick who put out the tweet, it wasn’t her, I never met her either. I don’t know who she is.”

He was referring to Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson, who first made Cube’s involvement public in a Tweet Wednesday.

Mr. Martin also asked “Do you believe that the Trump campaign greatly overstated your involvement for the purpose of them being able to say ‘We have attached ourselves to Ice Cube? Did you believe that you were used politically for their purposes, as opposed to really what happened?”

“Look, I knew whoever I engaged would use that politically. I don’t care about that part. The part I care about is getting something done,” Cube replied.

You can read Ice Cube’s “Contract with Black America” here, Trump’s “Platinum Plan” here, and Joe Biden’s “Lift Every Voice: The Biden Plan for Black America” here.

Cube also took questions from Alicia Garza for a good 15 minutes, during which she and Martin grilled him about legislation and activism around the issues raised in the Contract with Black America.

Watch the full interview above beginning at the 42 minute mark, via Roland Martin Unfiltered.

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