Watch Republican Congressional Opponent Attack Rep. Ilhan Omar in Bonkers Rant: ”She Is Ahhh-vil!’

Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has a Republican challenger named Danielle Stella who recently went on a barely-intelligible rant in which she called Omar, among other things, “Ahh-vil.”

During a brief but memorable appearance at a “Hashtag Demand Free Speech” rally in Washington, DC, Stella was introduced to the crowd, and immediately launched into rapid-fire patter.

“Hi everyone, I’m running against Ilhan Omar, and [unintelligible] representing America!” Stella said. “We do not like her talking about our country! We do not believe 9/11 was some people did something!”

Stella was apparently referencing comments that Omar made during a March speech that were taken out of context and used as an attack by President Donald Trump.

“She is ahh-vil, and she needs to go!” Stella continued, then added “I love America! I love the freedom of speech and I love the second amendment, and I love all of you! We have strength in unity!”

“Onomatopoeia Stella 2020 nine palms ventilate more!”  she continued, adding “She has two beans en place, along with all the justice democratics! Thank you!”

Watch the clip above, via Twitter user sfthoughtcrime.

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