Ad Showing Trump Voter Urging President Not to Fire Robert Mueller Airs During Hannity

President Donald Trump is on semi-vacation in Bedminster, NJ this week, taking time off from the White House, while also having one-on-one meetings and inquiring with Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) 20 times about why Congress hasn’t shut down Robert Mueller‘s probe yet.

He’s probably also watching his favorite network, Fox News, and his two favorite shows, Fox & Friends and Hannity. If so, he’s seeing a new ad that’s airing there, and which racked up 50,0000 views overnight on Youtube after it debuted on Tuesday.

The spot (above) is titled “Weak” and was created and run by the Swamp Accountability Project, who said in the press release that it is “aimed at an audience of one: The President.”

Here’s the script.

Mr. President, I voted for you in 2016 because I wanted to Make America Great Again.

After eight years of President Obama’s weak leadership, I was ready for a tough leader.

Now I hear you’re thinking of firing Bob Mueller or the Deputy Attorney General.

It makes you look weak, petty, and impotent to us Trump supporters. We don’t want someone that’s weak, petty or impotent— that’s why we voted for you instead of those other guys.

Don’t fire Mueller or the Deputy AG. Just focus on Making America Great Again.

The ad aired Tuesday morning during Fox & Friends in Bedminster, and is airing there all week during Hannity.

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