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After Report of CNN Being ‘Iced Out’ by Trump, White House Sends Adviser for On-Air Interview

Yesterday, it was reported that the White House was engaging in a deliberate strategy of “icing out” CNN, as they were refusing to send officials to the network to be guests for interviews. It noted that the last two broadcasts of State of the Union featured nobody from the Trump Administration, even though host Jake Tapper had extended invitations, and that counselor Kellyanne Conway’s last appearance on the network was a contentious exchange with Anderson Cooper.

Well, it appears that there may be a thaw in that relationship between CNN and the administration.

During this afternoon’s broadcast of The Lead, host Jake Tapper welcomed on Sebastian Gorka for a lengthy interview. The former Breitbart editor was recently tapped by President Donald Trump to be a deputy assistant.

What makes this more notable is that Tapper is also the host of SOTU and was the one who publicly highlighted earlier this week that Trump officials were declining invites to the program.

Of course, even with Gorka showing up today for an interview, it hasn’t exactly stopped Trump from taking shots at the network. During an event acknowledging Black History Month this morning, the president told one supporter — a CNN contributor — he hadn’t seen him much on television because he doesn’t “watch fake news,” repeating his oft-used attack on the network.

Watch the clip above to see the beginning of the Gorka interview, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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