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Anthony Weiner Drops F-Bomb During Live Interview

With his mayoral prospects getting more and more unlikely by the day, Anthony Weiner is apparently just going for broke now. Monday afternoon, the candidate sat down with Ben Smith for a BuzzFeed Brews interview, in which the editor-in-chief drinks beer and chats casually with a political figure.

There were plenty of revealing tidbits from the nearly 40 minute conversation, but one particularly colorful moment came when Smith asked Weiner about his historic hatred for bike lanes.

Weiner gladly retold the story of what he said to Bloomberg when the two had a chance to meet at Gracie Mansion in early 2011. Only instead of using “[expletive]” like the New York Times, Weiner went full f-bomb.

“I said the first thing I was going to do as mayor,” Weiner recounted to Smith, “was hold a press conference tearing out your–this is the internet right?–tearing out your fucking bike lanes.” He made sure his audience knew that it was a “joke,” though he does still oppose “bad bike lanes.”

If you can rely on anyone to be reckless on the internet, it’s Anthony Weiner.

Watch video below, via BuzzFeed:

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