Ari Melber Shreds Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will ‘Work With Anyone’ For Money, Even Duterte


Since the July 24 launch of The Beat, host Ari Melber has carved out a an important niche as arguably the leading critic of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in all of television. Again, and again, and again, Melber has slammed the social networking mogul for focusing on his company’s profits and casting aside its responsibilities to society as a powerful corporation.

Wednesday, Melber was back on the warpath, slamming Zuckerberg for denying that he knew that Facebook was susceptible to bots and Fake News prior to the U.S. election.

“That doesn’t look very true,” Melber said. “Because Facebook is a global company, and it was ground zero for this [Vladimir] Putin/[Rodrigo] Duterte playbook long before Zuckerberg was playing naive about Fake News after November, and repeating their mantra, ‘they’re just neutral.’ In fact, there was a whole scandal in that country, the Philippines, over fake news and bots and the election which was — wait for it — held in may 2016, long before ours.”

In a comprehensive report, Melber zeroed in on Facebook’s relationship with Duterte — who has overseen a violent drug war in which thousands of people have died in extrajudicial police killings. The Beat host ripped Zuckerberg for Facebook sending employees to train Duterte (along with the country’s other presidential candidates) to use the social networking platform.

Melber played a clip of Zuckerberg saying the company’s primary aim is to connect the world, not to make money.

“The argument is that Facebook’s primary business strategy is not about business,” Melber said. “Please.”

Overall, Melber put forth a comprehensive, well-articulated case — as he has in his previous rants against Zuckerberg. And the MSNBC host has zeroed in on a target vastly in need of public scrutiny — making him a distinct and essential voice on cable news.

“[W]hat you see is, a whole lot of executives saying, ‘we were surprised and it’s not about the money.’ And then you look at the facts and it is about the money, and it’s not neutral. And in many cases, working with anyone and everyone to make money is not good for democracy.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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