BuzzFeed’s Week In Review: The Most Viral Stories Of The Last Week

Hey, it’s time for BuzzFeed’s Week In Review. It’s a short list this week. I blame Rebecca Black. But let’s get to it!

Charlie Sheen’s stage tour got off to a rocky start in Detroit where the former Two and a Half Men star was booed off stage. But things got progressively better, with positive reviews in Chicago and a standing ovation in Cleveland.

News of a possible government shutdown was one of the most talked about stories of the week, with Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and President Obama failing to reach a budget deal. The Huffington Post spells out some of the possible side-effects.

Fox News has announced that Glenn Beck’s show is coming to an end. Unfortunately, Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts has announced that they will be producing several other television projects with Fox.

Archaeologists near Prague have uncovered what they believe might be the first known gay caveman. The copper age man was buried with artifacts normally reserved for women.

This photo of an abandoned mineshaft went viral on Reddit this week, after being called The Ultimate Anti-Zombie Fortress. Reddit’s resident anti-zombie defense experts got to work suggesting design improvements, resulting in the most entertaining meme of the week.

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