Cedric the Entertainer: Neither Side Trying to Find Truth in Ferguson

Missouri native Cedric the Entertainer shared his thoughts on Ferguson in a Wall Street Journal interview today. The comedian said that this is instructive of how “policing in the African-American community is getting a bit aggressive” across the country, and that should invite a national discussion about how policing in black neighborhoods.

As for the Ferguson case specifically, he wants to hear out all the facts of the case because, as he said, “There appears to be a little posturing in the sense that you kind of instantly divide lines. The police have a side and then the victims have a side and people aren’t really trying to find out what the truth of the matter is.”

He said that if Officer Darren Wilson was just “doing his job,” then he shouldn’t be convicted. But on the other hand, he worried that “you don’t want someone to have an advantage because they’re on one side of the system.”

You can watch the full interview here (the Ferguson discussion comes in around the 4:30 mark), via WSJ:

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