Child-Saving Hero Cat to Somehow Throw Out First Pitch of Baseball Game

Tara, the cat who valiantly hurled herself at a wild dog attacking a small boy, will be honored like presidents and movie stars: ABC23 reports that a local minor league baseball team invited the hero cat to throw out the first pitch of a minor league game.

Now, we’re not sure how a cat can throw a ball, either, but they can, okay? The Bakersfield Blaze believes in Tara. The boy saved from that vicious dog believes in Tara. And America believes in Tara. So we have to believe in her.

We also think this is how they’re gonna manage it:

When asked for comment, this writer’s cat, Ava, ran to hide between the shower curtains in the bathroom.

In other news, Tara the cat is in talks to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

You can relive her child-saving moment below, via YouTube:

[h/t Deadspin]
[Image via screenshot]

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