Chris Matthews: Where Do These Glenn Beck Characters Get Their “Weird-Ass” Flag And God Ideas

I think it’s entirely possible, judging by the continued tone of amazement in his voice, that Chris Matthews discovered Glenn Beck for the first time on August 28th.

Today, whilst waxing poetic on President Obama‘s speech in Cleveland during which Obama noted ‘we are Americans before we are Democrats’ Matthews launched into a Norman Rockwell inspired tirade asserting that “nothing is more bothersome to me…this notion that somehow only conservative and right-wingers are patriotic is nonsense!” He went on.

The way that crowd reacted out there in middle America, in Cleveland, a hard hit area, when you just say America they go wild. How do they get away with, these Glenn Beck characters, the idea they got some weird-ass monopoly over the flag and God. Who gave it to them? I don’t think God gave it to them. I don’t think George Washington was sitting around thinking who’s the most right-wing guy here I can help out.

Someone give the man a chalkboard. Watch below.

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