What Would Jack Bauer Do? Vote for Chuck DeVore

Campaign ads come in many forms. In Republican Chuck DeVore‘s case, that form is a 24-style ad that discusses the California Senate candidate’s 24 years of foreign and military experiences. From ROTC, to Lebanon, to Pakistan (and more), the ad is essentially a trophy case of DeVore’s time spent serving his country.

But what makes the ad truly, ahem, unique, is that it actually pokes fun at Jack Bauer himself. The same year DeVore scored second-best in his training battalion, “Cadet J. Bauer was rumoured to have been the battalion’s top shooter,” the voice-over in the ad tells us. “As a cadet, Chuck would have gotten top score in land navigation except that Cadet Bauer sabotaged the course.”

It continues: “The following year during ROTC Advanced Course, Cadet DeVore would earn his Expert’s badge in grenade, something Jack Bauer is still jealous about.”

In the same 24 context, DeVore then attacks his opponent:

“But first, for some important business that not even Jack Bauer, or, for that matter, Barbara Boxer, would ever attempt…Chuck must successfully mow his lawn and then patch his leaky roof. With those tasks completed, Chuck DeVore can get down to the serious business of retiring Barbara Boxer.”

Yet, it is just around the 2:37 mark, that DeVore poses a weighty question to Californian voters: “Ask yourself this question, Jack Bauer fans: which person would Jack want as his U.S. senator?”

The answer to that question? Go to the 3:10 mark to find out:

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