CNN Contributor Christine Quinn Erupts on Trump’s Transgender Ban: ‘A Goddamn Disgrace’

Christine Quinn, a CNN contributor who was a longtime frontrunner to become New York City Mayor in 2013, dropped an expletive while railing against President Donald Trump‘s transgender military ban.

Speaking on Anderson Cooper: 360, Quinn ripped the ban as “un-American,” and bashed the President for being divisive.

“God forbid there is some type of military tragedy today or the next few days,” Quinn said. “One of the last things transgender service members might have heard from their Commander-in-Chief is that they are unworthy. That is un-American and a Goddamn disgrace!”

Quinn, a longtime New York City Council Speaker who eventually lost the 2013 Democratic Mayoral primary to current Mayor Bill de Blasio, accused Trump of playing politics with the decision.

“This is the president,” Quinn said. “He should never be throwing entire groups of Americans under the bus and saying they’re less than other people. He should be or she should be the one who is bridging the divide…bringing us together. This is the opposite. For pure political gain.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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