CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: Obama’s Ferguson Statement ‘Ultimately Dangerous’

Liberal commentator for CNN Marc Lamont Hill isn’t satisfied with the statement President Barack Obama delivered on the unrest in Ferguson, Mo. He actually thinks it was harmful to the nation.

For a column at, Hill said his expectations for the president’s statement, delivered while Obama was on vacation, weren’t “unrealistic” but that he wanted him to “tell the truth.”

“Instead,” Hill wrote, “the President delivered a polite but ultimately dangerous message to the American public.”

More from Hill’s column:

Even if one were to believe that Michael Brown’s killing had nothing to do with race — a naïve position at best — the wave of protests and debates that emerged after it happened have been undeniably racial. By not mentioning this racial dimension, the President reinforced the immature notion that racism can be defeated simply by pretending it doesn’t exist. …

Rather than leading the nation into a new level of racial understanding and dialogue, the President took the safe path through the door of post-racial rhetoric.

Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was unarmed when he was shot dead by a white police officer on Aug. 9. In subsequent days, Ferguson has been racked by rioting, looting and violence, according to police.

Obama’s statement, entirely devoid of race, called on both police and protesters in the city to show restraint.

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