Cooper Asks Jeffrey Lord: Is There Anything Trump ‘Could Do That You Would Ever Criticize?’

During a panel discussion tonight on CNN, anchor Anderson Cooper confronted political commentator Jeffrey Lord about his tendency to find ways to defend President Donald Trump no matter what the topic or issue is.

Discussing Trump’s exchange with NBC’s Peter Alexander at today’s press conference where Alexander pressed the president for lying about the historic nature of his Electoral College victory, Cooper asked Lord if it concerns him that the POTUS won’t take ownership of his falsehoods.

After Lord provided cover for Trump by stating that Trump said “I guess” during the back-and-forth, the former Reagan staffer added this is all part of a reality show Trump is starring in and producing called ‘Beat the Press.’

“Turning the White House into a reality TV show,” Cooper responded. “Is that good for the country?”

After Lord shot back with a question about whether television is good for the country, a weary Cooper wondered aloud if Lord would ever be critical of the president.

“So is there anything Donald Trump could do that you would ever criticize?” Cooper asked. After asking him again, Lord replied saying he just said that Trump made a mistake on his Electoral College win.

“Is that good?” Lord asked, while a flustered Cooper moved on to another panelist.

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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