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Don Lemon: Jon Stewart’s Great, but He Took Me Out of Context a Lot

don jonCNN’s Don Lemon today praised Jon Stewart upon his departure tonight in an interview with TheWrap, but also vocalized a criticism that’s been leveled by some of Stewart’s other cable news targets: he takes everyone out of context.

Lemon explained, “What Jon Stewart can do is take clips and moments out of context and mold them into what he wants them to be when it’s unnecessarily so, and when you look at some of the things he has said about me and others, it’s really things that were taken out of context.”

He thinks people are exaggerating Stewart’s impact––something he believes Stewart would agree with him on––but still called him a “very talented and a brilliant man.”

Lemon added, “It’s not like Jon Stewart’s passing away…I think Jon Stewart’s legacy remains to be seen.”

Cable news (mostly Fox) was one of Stewart’s favorite targets, and he most notably mocked Lemon over his MH370 “black hole” remark, his journey in a CNN “Blizzardmobile,” and the time he suspected Lemon “appears not to care for CNN.”

You can read Lemon’s full interview here.

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