Donald Trump Drops F-Bomb at New Hampshire Rally

fbomb-e1454692923570It’s getting harder and harder to shock people, but Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is still trying, probably without trying. At a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Thursday night, Trump was hitting on a familiar theme when he added a little something extra: a weirdly-whispered f-bomb in the middle of a screed that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

While doing his trademark riff on bringing U.S. companies back from Mexico, Trump told the crowd that the goal of enticing corporations to return to New Hampshire from Mexico was to allow New Hampshire residents the chance to express their, um, appreciation. The expletive is clear enough from Trump’s lip movements, but I’ve goosed the audio as well so you can hear the whispered attempt at self-censorship:

Donald Trump Drops F-Bomb in New Hampshire by tommyxtopher

We’re gonna bring businesses back. We’re gonna have businesses that used to be in New Hampshire, that are now in Mexico, come back to New Hampshire, and you can tell them to go f**k themselves! Because they let you down, and they left!

Elsewhere in the speech, Trump also dropped an s-word, which these days only qualifies it as a Trump rally on a day.

(h/t Redstate)

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