From ‘Numb’ To ‘Hallelujah’: The Best And Worst Twitter Reactions To The George Zimmerman Verdict

Twitter followed the George Zimmerman case more closely than it did Sharknado, and when the verdict was read all sides were quick to react.

Immediate responses ranged from the simple to the second guessing:

There was, of course, your standard left-right divide, with one party angry and the other gloating:

There were attempts to read the verdict into the larger issues of life and race that have surrounded or coincided with the case:

Though some crossed the partisan divide:

Some on the right gleefully predicted rioting:

And some had a ready rejoinder to that:

And some fed into it:

And some reminded everybody that future violence cuts both ways:

The partisan divide expressed itself in network affiliations:

Some never let you forget that Obama once spoke on this issue about fifteen months ago, which has since grown to “inserted” himself into the proceedings, to intervening on behalf of Martin:

There was hopelessness:

And then there were the existentialists:

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