Gary Cohn Clarifies Trump Comment: Germans Are ‘Very Bad on Trade,’ No Problem With Germany

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Yesterday, it was reported that during a meeting with European Union leadership, President Donald Trump said the “Germans are very bad, very bad.” He also told the officials that he would look to “stop” Germany from selling cars in the United States.

Since then, we’ve gotten some clarification on that comment from the Trump team. Speaking to pool reporters earlier today, chief economic advisor Gary Cohn said that Trump was speaking specifically about trade and that he doesn’t have a problem with Germany.

While this serves to clarify the president’s remarks in the meeting, it somewhat contradicts what White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer noted this morning. Responding to a tweet by the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, who was quoting the initial report, Spicer said it wasn’t true and that EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker stated Trump was “not aggressive” on trade.

According to Reuters, Juncker stated that it was “not true” that Trump “took an aggressive approach” and that, like others have said, he merely “has a problem with the German surplus.”

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