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Glenn Beck: Massa May “Decide The Course Of This Nation”

Is Glenn Beck about to dig himself into a rather large hole? Word went out earlier today that (now former) Congressman Eric Massa would be a guest on Beck’s powerhouse show for the full hour tomorrow. Tonight we got a bit of a preview of the tone that interview is likely to take. Short version: Eric Massa — despite his admittedly questionable (salty) behavior…not something Beck would “condone” — is the victim of Democratic conspiracy. AND? Get this: “I’m not saying he is as pure as the driven snow, I don’t know, I don’t know the guy, but this is a moment that will decide the course of this nation, possibly.”

Um. Really?

Here’s the thing about Eric Massa. The ethics investigation is still ongoing, meaning, among other things, the only version of the events in question we’ve heard thus far is from Massa. What if it turns out Massa was guilty of more than “salty” language? Not being “pure as the driven snow” is a pretty big spectrum. Seems like a bit of a risky horse to tie your wagon to, no? I have to imagine the Dems, and Rahm, were probably thinking the same thing. Stay tuned, I guess. Video below.

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