Glenn Beck Worries al-Qaeda Might Use Ebola as Weapon Against the U.S.

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck expressed concerns that al-Qaeda could use ebola as a weapon against Americans, just as the country is starting to freak out over the potential spread of the disease.

Beck was mocked weeks ago by Seth Meyers and others for worrying that ebola might come to Texas, and Beck, of course, felt vindicated after yesterday’s news that there is now a patient with ebola in Dallas.

But Beck also worried that al-Qaeda might use ebola as a weapon. He said if he was in the terrorist group, “Forget about an EMP, forget about weapons of mass destruction, you have them! They’re carried around in a 150-pound bag of water called people. You go over to west Africa and you say to your jihadist friends, ‘Go get infected.'”

He worried al-Qaeda might just get on a plane and go into shopping malls to deliberately infect Americans.

Listen to the audio below, via The Glenn Beck Program:

[h/t The Blaze]
[image via screengrab]

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