Good Samaritan Group Member During Hurricane Rescue: ‘We’ve Been Shot At’


The Cajun Navy is a group of good samaritans which formed after Hurricane Katrina and seeks to aid stranded people in coastal rescue operations. But one member says the group’s rescue boats are being shot at by people they are unable to accommodate in crowded boats.

In an interview with Headline News, Cajun Navy representative Clyde Cain said that some of Hurricane Harvey’s victims have tried to steal the group’s boats in an effort to escape some of the more highly-flooded areas.

“The people that are wanting to be rescued are trying to steal the boat,” Cain said.

Then, as anchor Carol Costello tried to ask a question, Cain matter-of-factly reported this:

“We’ve been shot at.”

Costello was stunned.

“What?!” She exclaimed.

“We have boats being shot at,” Cain said, elaborating. “Because if we’re not picking up everybody, we’re having to pull out for a minute.”

Watch the stunning account of the rescue effort above, via HLN.

[featured image via screengrab]


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