Greenpeace China Releases Terrifying Images From Chinese Oil Spill

Unfortunately, the oil disaster in the Gulf is not the only terrible oil spill currently going on. Chinese officials are currently trying to clean up the largest reported spill the nation has ever had. By this morning (the fifth day since a pipeline exploded, causing the leak) the spill had grown to 165 square miles with one known casualty during the clean up efforts. Earlier this week, the environmental group Greenpeace China released a series of photos from the scene and they are all, unsurprisingly horrific.

The photos include a series of images showing a firefighter being carried to safety by his colleagues after being completely submerged in the oil. The man had been trying to fix an underwater pump yesterday in Dalian. Seeing the man covered head to toe in crude oil is just as disturbing as the video clips flooding the American news reports of children playing on oil-covered beaches.

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