Heat Street Polls Readers on If Obama Engineered Hurricane Matthew to Mess With Trump

There has been much flak being given to online news outlets over polls lately. Here at Mediaite, we love polls. Polls are a fun way to engage readers!

The people at News Corp-owned Heat Street definitely know that. Look at this poll they did about Hurricane Matthew and whether the leader of the free world called up and ordered the storm like so much pad thai:


That poll comes at the bottom of an article called, “SHAMELESS: Obama Refuses to Act as Hurricane Matthew Heads Straight for Trump’s Estate in Mar-A-Lago.” That article includes the line, “As it turns out, Hurricane Matthew is heading straight for Mar-a-Lago, and President [Barack Obama] isn’t doing anything to stop it.”

It is unclear how they would like Obama to “stop” the hurricane, but for what it’s worth, the president has declared a state of emergency in Florida as Hurricane Matthew approaches. It is unlikely that the military engineered a dangerous natural disaster at his request, but that could be why “It’s possible, but I’d need to see more evidence” is listed as a poll option.

[image via screengrab]

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