‘I Don’t Know Why You’re Smiling and Laughing’: Fox’s Ed Henry Battles Guest Over Sanctuary Cities

While filling in as host on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News’ Ed Henry tussled with his guest, immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez, over sanctuary cities and Hernandez’s contention that they don’t exist. Yesterday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting sanctuary cities.

According to Hernandez, it is “political fiction” because the federal government doesn’t need local cooperation to go into a jail and take any illegal immigrant they want. Henry proceeded to show Hernandez a map of sanctuary cities which Hernandez dismissed, saying that “you can put pins on a map, it doesn’t matter.”

The two would go back and forth about the definition of the term, with Henry stating it means that local officials won’t give the feds info about illegal immigrants when they are arrested and thus, they aren’t deported. At one point, Henry wondered aloud if it was just a semantics debate they were having.

While describing sanctuary cities some more, a clearly agitated Henry noticed Hernandez looking amused.

“I don’t know why you are smiling and laughing,” Henry exclaimed. “Because you’re wrong,” the guest shot back.

Check out the entire interview above, via Fox News.

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