‘I Think He’s Just Not Realizing He’s a Bad Hombre’: Mexicans Tell Mediaite What They Think of Trump

While observing International Women’s Day demonstrations in Mexico City, Mediaite’s Travis Irvine spoke to a number of Mexican residents to gather their thoughts about the leader of their neighbor to the north — President Donald Trump.

Irvine asked some women if they thought Trump was good for women, to which he he was given responses like “he’s a disgrace” and that he’s brought down women’s rights due to his position of power.

He also brought up the president’s notorious “bad hombres” remark in relation to Mexico and asked folks what they felt he meant by it.

“I think he’s just not realizing that he’s a bad hombre,” one young woman told Irvine. Another woman noted that the “bad hombres are in the government.”

Watch the clip above to see how others responded when presented with Trump’s comments when he launched his presidential bid where he depicted Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers.

[image via screengrab]


Travis is currently on a comedy tour with ComedyAbroad! in Central America, a group that puts on comedy shows for expats to raise money for non-profits in the region. You can learn more about them at their website and can donate to the cause at their Patreon page.


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