James Holmes’ Psychiatrist Contacted University Police Weeks Before Shooting

ABC News is reporting that the psychiatrist who treated James Holmes, the suspected shooter in the Aurora movie theater shooting last month, reached out to police at the University of Colorado to voice her concerns about Holmes’ behavior several weeks before the shooting.

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Sources close to Dr. Lynne Fenton could not say what university police did with the information she gave them, but according to Colorado law, a psychiatrist is only able to breach doctor-patient confidentiality if they believe there is a “serious and imminent threat that their patient might cause harm to others.”

A spokeswoman for the University of Colorado did not give comment, citing a court-issued gag order on the investigation surrounding Holmes. However, the university provided a statement to ABC about university police and their involvement in threat assessment.

[T]he university said campus police officers are “frequently involved” in meetings of the university’s Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment (BETA) team.

The statement went on to say that police involvement with threat assessment “could include security matters, badge access, background checks, wellness checks, criminal investigations and referrals and outreach to other law enforcement agencies.”

Watch ABC’s report below:


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