Joe Biden Clearly Labels Trump’s Lewd Advice from 2005 ‘Sexual Assault’

biden-300x196-650x425-650x425Vice President Joe Biden has taken on sexual assault prevention as his big cause during his time in office. From appearances on Law and Order to the Oscars to Funny or Die, he’s made it his mission to speak out and raise awareness of his It’s on Us Campaign. It’s on Us seeks to educate the public on how to best advocate for victims (and would-be victims) of sexual violence.

Naturally, he has spoken out against the leaked 2005 recording of Donald Trump advising Billy Bush to “grab [women] by the p*ssy” because famous men can do “anything” to them. The VP did not mince words; he called what Trump suggested sexual assault.

Other condemnations of Trump have been more surprising, of course. The Democratic Vice President releasing a disapproving statement is one thing, but the seemingly never-ending list of Republican lawmakers and commentators who are distancing themselves from the GOP nominee is another.

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