Jon Huntsman Fundraiser Riles Up Conservatives By Calling Rachel Maddow Her ‘Hero’

Jon Huntsman‘s relationship with the media personally– as if his moderate stances were not enough– stands out among Republican contenders for its cordiality. And for those who thought only the candidate felt that way, top Huntsman fundraiser Ann Herberger made it clear tonight that there’s something very bipartisan in the water over at Huntsman HQ. Many conservative Twitter viewers quickly noticed that, after a fairly favorable segment on Huntsman on The Rachel Maddow Show, Herberger responded in kind, telling Rachel Maddow that she was her “new hero.”

The Weekly Standard was quick to screengrab and write about the tweet, which came after a segment Maddow did beginning with the mysterious allegedly Ron Paul-supporting Huntsman ad and went on to describe his career favorably (although noting that his run may have perhaps been neutered by his work for President Obama):

The Standard suggests that “this might not kill Huntsman in New Hampshire, where Democrats and independents often participate in the Republican primary, but it probably won’t help him in South Carolina or Florida.” That very much depends on several factors– namely, whether this becomes a big enough story for people to care and where the other candidates end up by the time we get to South Carolina. That said, if any state’s primary is amenable to some love across the aisle, it’s New Hampshire.

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