Kellyanne Conway Loses it When Pushed by Jake Tapper Over Trump’s Lack of ‘Presidential Behavior’

conway-tappereditedDuring a discussion with CNN’s Jake Tapper regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s use of Twitter and whether it represents presidential behavior, Trump campaign manager and senior adviser Kellyanne Conway took umbrage with the question and invoked Bill Clinton.

During the forum, Tapper brought up Trump’s tweet where he falsely claimed millions of people illegally voted to make the case that he actually won the national popular vote. He then mentioned other Twitter activity by Trump, such as attacking a CNN reporter and retweeting a 16-year-old.

In response to Tapper’s question if this was “presidential behavior,” Conway stated that Trump is “the President-elect so that’s presidential behavior.”

Telling Tapper that she could see where he was going, she asked, “Are you actually comparing what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office to a Twitter feed?”

Conway then wondered if they should go over Clinton’s behavior for those who hadn’t been born when he was in office. Tapper added that just because a president does something doesn’t make it presidential behavior.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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