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Key Trump Staffer Quits After Only Two Weeks on the Job

Trump fghTwo weeks ago, the Donald Trump campaign announced the addition of veteran Republican advisor Kevin Kellems. Friday, Kellems has already called it quits.

“While brief, it has been an interesting experience, and I am proud of the contributions made to our early phase project endeavors,” Kellems wrote in a resignation note. “I also have enjoyed meeting some fine and dedicated individuals throughout the organization. Look forward to running across several of you going forward.”

Despite the congenial letter, a source tells CNN the real reason Kellems left was a “general dysfunction and disrespect particularly towards younger, eager staff members.” The New York Times reports that Erica Freeman, another staffer handling surrogates, also resigned.

The hiring of Kellems as director of surrogates was seen as another indication that Trump was finally getting serious, adding seasoned Republican figures to help manage his anemic campaign. His almost-immediate departure no doubt shows the campaign still has work to do on that front..

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