Levin Trashes ‘Nixonian’ Trump: Running ‘Campaign of Personal Attacks’

levinMark Levin is growing steadily angrier at Trump, saying tonight he’s acting very “Nixonian,” running an “Alinskyite” campaign, and straight-up lying about Ted Cruz.

Levin has been criticizing Trump a lot recently, but tonight he took it to a whole new level, declaring, “If he becomes the nominee, a lot of people who otherwise would unite under that tent may not, because when you run a campaign of personal attacks, an Alinskyite campaign, wittingly or unwittingly, you turn people off.”

He’s really tired of Trump’s attacks on Cruz over his bank loans, Canadian birth, supposed unlikeability, etc. Levin is no longer impressed with Trump bragging about how great he is at making deals because, as he said, the problem isn’t that Washington can’t make deals, but “the kind of deals they make.”

And as Levin talked at length about Trump’s “dirty, low-down politics,” he asked a question: “Is that Reaganesque or more Nixonesque?”

After listening to a bunch of clips of Trump trashing Crus on supposedly covering up loans, Levin cried, “Stop lying about it!”

He aded, “But he won’t.”

And just to top it all off, Levin could barely believe Trump actually said that this makes Cruz look “worse than Hillary.”

Listen to the whole thing above, via The Mark Levin Show.

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