Limbaugh Rips GOP For Being ‘Embarrassed’ Of Its Base: ‘Republican Party Is Hanging By A Thread’

On Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh revisited his earlier remark about the Republican Party being embarrassed of its base. In an argument pegged off the immigration reform debate, Limbaugh said the GOP is “hanging by a thread,” willing to sacrifice a few more elections due to losing its base.

“People have said the country is hanging by a thread,” Limbaugh noted. “Well so is the party. The Republican Party is hanging by a thread.”

Some do realize it, he added, pointing to the idea that “they’re embarrassed of their base and wouldn’t mind at all if the base left the Republican Party, even if it meant losing a couple of elections.” It’s either embarrassment or dislike, he said, describing the “caricature” of the “gun-toting, shotgun-shooting, tobacco-spitting crowd.”

They wouldn’t be bothered if that crowd that makes up the base left them, the radio host reiterated. But there’s one problem with that: Who will make up for them? If they think the Gang of Eight immigration bill will pick up the slack, Limbaugh said, “they have got another thing coming.”

“You cannot out-liberal a liberal,” he stated emphatically.

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