Limbaugh Slams CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux Over Correspondents Dinner Tweets To Celebs, Obama

Limbaugh Slams CNN's Suzanne Malveaux Over Correspondents Dinner Tweets

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh slammed CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux on Monday during his radio program over what he described as her “over the top” tweets praising President Barack Obama, his advisors and the myriad celebrities she photographed herself with on Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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Limbaugh opened his Monday program by singling out Malveaux’s Correspondents’ Dinner tweets as being indicative of the self-congratulatory evening that celebrates the press and politicians.

“Politics is “showbiz for the ugly,’ and that’s what the White House Correspondents Dinner was,” said Limbaugh. “It’s their big Oscar night. It’s where they all get together and, um, it’s a circle… thing.”

“I haven’t seen this kind of ‘groupie-ism’ in years,” Limbaugh said of Malveaux’s Saturday night tweets in which the CNN anchor spent the majority of her night taking photos with celebrities and sending them Twitter shout outs. “She was just – I mean, totally enthralled being anywhere near Obama.”

Malveaux tweeted prior to the event that she ran into senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett who she described as the President’s “BFF.”

Malveaux asked if she was “homegirls” with Current TV host and former Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Malveaux tweeted a number of pictures of her with celebrities on the night of the Correspondents’ Dinner:

Limbaugh described Malveaux’s tweets as “just over the top.”

“It was like high school. It was like being invited into the big clique,” said Limbaugh. “She couldn’t believe how cool he was. How cool it was to be in the same room with Obama. And I thought, hasn’t this woman covered the White House I her career?”

Listen to the segment below via the Rush Limbaugh radio program:

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