Madeline Albright Asked How Long She Intends To Blame Bush For The State Of The Economy, Answers ‘Forever’

In an appearance before a Democratic audience captured by Revealing Politics, President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, recalled the story of her recent encounter with a protester while campaigning for President Barack Obama. She was asked by an agitated audience member how long she intended to blame President George W. Bush’s policies for the recession and the sluggish economic recovery. Albright says that she proudly replied, “forever.”

Albright told the audience of Obama supporters that she recently spoke at an event where she was “saying many things about the previous administration” before what she presumed was a friendly crowd.

She implied that those “things” were not good, leading one audience member to protest. Albright said that the perturbed audience member stood up and asked how long she intended to blame President Bush for the state of the economy. Albright told the audience that she responded “forever.”

Watch the video of Albright’s appearance below via Revealing Politics:

h/t Washington Examiner

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