Marco Rubio on GOP Tax Bill: ‘We Probably Went Too Far on (Helping) Corporations’

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is publicly expressing concern for the same tax reform bill that he recently voted for.

Rubio said the bill may help corporations too much and that the special counsel led by Robert Mueller should continue, two statements Donald Trump probably didn’t want to hear.

“If I were king for a day, this tax bill would have looked different,” Rubio said to a reporter who questioned him over his comprehensive view of the GOP tax bill, via News-Press. “I thought we probably went too far on (helping) corporations. By and large, you’re going to see a lot of these multinationals buy back shares to drive up the price. Some of them will be forced, because they’re sitting on historic levels of cash, to pay out dividends to shareholders. That isn’t going to create dramatic economic growth.”

While many members of the Republican Party have stated a potential bias against Trump should derail the Russia investigation, Rubio believes it should move forward.

“I think the best thing that can happen for the president, for the country and for everyone is that he be allowed to complete his investigation as thoroughly and as completely as possible and that we allow the facts from that investigation to lead where they may,” Rubio said.

The Florida senator did add that the bill they just passed is “significantly better” than the current tax code.

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