McDaniel Lawyer Produces List of Irregular Votes… with His Name on It

Chris McDaniel, the Mississippi tea party candidate who lost the Senate runoff to incumbent Thad Cochran, is still contesting the election. But on the list of hundreds of irregular votes his campaign has released, McDaniel’s own lawyer appears on the list.

Yes, McDaniel lawyer Mitchell Tyner Sr. sent that huge list to Cochran’s attorneys, claiming to have discovered hundreds of “illegal or irregular votes” from the runoff election.

But Tyner’s own name, as well as his wife’s, appear on the list, flagged as irregular. So that’s awkward.

A spokesman for the McDaniel campaign provided this statement in response:

“At some point, a poll worker crossed out nearly every voter’s name and indicated that they’d not voted on June 3 but did vote on June 24,” [Noel] Fritsch said in a statement. “This shows that the book was not switched. The fact that even the Republican votes were crossed out is further evidence the county did not properly institute the ‘swapping of the books’ to obviate crossover voting.”

[h/t The Hill]
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