Mitt Romney Campaign Creates Fake Bill Clinton Twitter Account: @Bill_Clinton12

Mitt Romney‘s campaign has established a mock Twitter account for former president — and vocal supporter of Barack Obama‘s re-election efforts — Bill Clinton.

What If @Bill_Clinton12 Were Tweeting?” asks an online post by Mitt Romney Press. Well, apparently, he’d have a lot of nice things to share about the candidate he isn’t supporting. Also, he’d go back in time and play the sax. Just for fun.

Making reference to actual remarks made by the former President, the (very clearly labeled) parody account so far focuses on Clinton’s defense of Bain Capital and Romney’s private sector work. As a bonus, it also takes a hit at MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:

Does this mean @Donald_Trump12 would compliment the Obama administration’s foreign policy and @John_Sununu12 would tell @Joe_BidenXoXo his hair is looking nice and @Michelle_Obama12 would be live-Tweeting her #yummers Doritos Locos lunch?

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