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Steve Bannon Pushing For Tax Hike — On the Rich!

Steve Bannon has always been wily player inside the West Wing. Now new reporting from Axios is showing just how unpredictable the former Breitbart chairman can be.

In a scoop, the website reported that Bannon was pushing for a tax hike on the rich to finance middle class and working class cuts. While the report was thin on details, Bannon has reportedly told people in the White House that top marginal rates (currently 39.6%) should “have a 4 in front of it.”

Ummm… cue alarm bells.

The suggestion of a Republican led tax increase on anybody would be a major departure from the Reaganite orthodoxy which which currently reigns on Capitol Hill and would likely spark a major internecine conflict within the GOP.

The lift would be heavy in a Republican-controlled Congress even under the best of circumstances — which of course, as we all know — is hardly President Trump’s current reality. The commander in chief is currently mired stalled attempts to pass health care reform, while other initiatives like a tax overhaul and an infrastructure bill now seem even further out of reach.

The rumblings from Bannon suggests earlier rumors about his imminent demise may have been premature.

If Trump did lead a push to raise taxes on the rich, it would be a return to Trump’s populist roots, which powered his election and led to unprecedented victories in 2016 in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Time will tell.

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