Moth Burrows in Man’s Ear, Friends Pull It Out in Truly Disturbing Video

How painful and unpleasant must it be to have a small insect fly directly in your ear? Well, one man recently found out, and the entire ordeal, including the moth’s eventual plucking, was captured on video. And as you would imagine, the man with the moth on his hear was lying down the whole time, in pain, and shouting profanities every few seconds while his friends stood around him.

The man’s friends inspect his ear and see the moth inside. And it actually moved a bit. So they grabbed tweezers and all crowded around to pull it out.

And the video of the extraction is pretty disturbing, considering 1) how close-up the camera gets to the action, and 2) the number of times it takes them to remove the whole moth.

And when they finally extract the moth, just a heads-up, it might make you feel a little queasy. (Also: Why didn’t they just use hydrogen peroxide to snuff it out?!?!)

If you still want to see the video, go ahead:

[h/t The Blaze]
[image via screengrab]

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