New Black Panther Party to Glenn Beck: We’ll Be Seeing You (Exclusive Video)

When I asked Robert Gibbs about Glenn Beck’s  “Restoring Honor” rally, scheduled on the date (August 28) and location (the Lincoln Memorial) of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, he said he hadn’t heard about it. Following yesterday’s briefing, I interviewed New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, who has plans of his own for August 28. In a preview of our exclusive interview, Shabazz has a message for Beck:


Tommy Christopher: What do you think about the rally that Glenn Beck plans to have on August 28, the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech,” at the Lincoln Memorial?…Are you aware of it?

Malik Zulu Shabazz: I am aware of it, and that Glenn Beck should not be allowed to have this rally. Glenn Beck is a sneaky little devil, and he does sneaky things, and tries to portray that he’s really not the neo-racist that he really is. And for him to go and to secure the Lincoln Memorial on Dr. King’s birthday will meet not only opposition from civil rights leaders, but it’s going to meet direct opposition from the New Black Panther Party.

Since the Tea Party loves Glenn Beck and will be there, the New Black Panther Party can easily find the Tea Party, right with Glenn Beck. He can bring his Tea Party, and we’ll bring our party, and we’ll see Glenn Beck. Since he wants to go on Fox News, but he doesn’t want to invite us on Fox News, he’s had me on before, I guess he’s got the orders from the top, at Fox, not to have me on…

Tommy Christopher: Beck had you on before, but not anymore?

Malik Zulu Shabazz: Beck has had me on before, I’ve been on Sean Hannity about 20 times, he’s under orders not to have me on, Bill O’Reilly‘s under orders not to have me on. This is all a conspiracy. I would say a Zionist conspiracy, but you would say “He’s too conspiratorial.”

But it’s some kind of conspiracy going on, to keep the truth out, and to keep us off the airwaves, to keep talking about us, but not talk to us. So we’ll see Glenn Beck live in person. I don’t think his rally should be allowed to happen.

Tommy Christopher: Once again, any members that show up, you would advise them to act within the law…

Malik Zulu Shabazz: I’m going to be there. I want to see him myself. Sneaky little devil.

Other black leaders, like Rev. Al Sharpton, have denounced the Beck rally, but have also advised against directly counter-protesting it. It is unclear how many New Black Panthers show up for the event, or whether they can energize a broader counter-protest.

Watch for the rest of our interview, coming later today.

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