Newly Released Photos Taken Night Of Trayvon Shooting Show Zimmerman’s Head Injuries

New Photos Taken Night Of Trayvon Shooting Show Zimmerman's Head Injuries

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey‘s newly released wealth of documents are the latest piece of the puzzle the public’s received about the Trayvon Martin case. Prior to that, we saw ABC News’ report that George Zimmerman‘s medical records support his account of a broken nose and scalp injuries. Now, among newly public information, we have some additional photos of Zimmerman.

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The following three photos were taken after the incident. As you’ll see: one is of his entire body, another is a closer shot of his face, and the third is of the back of his head. The second picture shows marks on his face and his nose appears to be swollen. The last picture clearly shows injuries to the back of Zimmerman’s head.

Take a look:

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